Mr Langford's resources for teachers


The drag-n-drop HTML editor for KS3 students.

Colourful and intuitive interface to take the first steps to learning HTML. Includes printable tutorial downloads. Tablet-friendly.


Binary Bingo

Four-bit binary bingo number picker with downloadable card.

A great way to revise binary to denary conversion.

Print the bingo card and use the on-screen number-caller for a fun plenary activity.


Denary Bingo

A twist on the classic Binary Bingo.

Pupils select four binary numbers on the downloadable bingo card, and convert the called-out denary numbers.

Another great plenary activity!


Disk Defragmentation Activity

Drag and drop blocks to simulate a disk defragmentation utility.

A short, colourful activity to bring interactivity to an abstract concept. Tablet-friendly.